Teaching Strategies for your Inclusion Geometry Class without an Intervention Specialist

Teaching Strategies for your Inclusion Geometry Class without an Intervention Specialist

The first thing you have to do is mentally accept the fact that you are going to have to teach two courses in one. It really helps to imagine that your child is the smartest student in your class and also the lowest student in the class. If it was your son or daughter how would you want each of them taught?

Don't try to be Super Hero

Don't try to be a super hero just do your job. Teach the geometry curriculum at the level you would want it taught to your child (the smartest kid in the class). These students will be able to handle the lesson and then work on their own or together while you assist the students with special needs.

Small Pieces

Take whatever homework you are giving the students and cut it into parts. This is easiest to do with worksheets because they are usually split into section by difficulty and direction/ problem type.
Here's what I mean. Actually take the worksheet and cut it into sections with scissors. Do not waste your time making different homework assignments for the different levels of students. They will all have to be able to meet the standards anyway. So give them a manageable amount of problems and when they get them done give them the rest. This will help them with building confidence.


Right now you are thinking what about the pace? They will all be done with things at different times and be turning things in at different times.

Geometry Notebook

Here is the second piece to the puzzle. Have them keep a notebook where they put all of their homework in order in the notebook. They can whole punch and put the cut up sections in there in order as well. The biggest issue with all students across the board is learning organizational skills. If you teach them this from the start there will be no more grading crinkled up stray half done papers.
Collect the notebook the day of the test and grade it. Still go over the homework from the night before everyday but grade it at the end or give them a completion grade throughout daily.
I grade 3 problems off every page. Not the hardest problems and not the easiest. Each page is worth 5 points and I try to make them come out to 50 points every time, which is half a test grade. After you grade one note book you will have them memorized and fly through them. This also gives you one day of grading instead of 185.


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