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Your Students are Cheating with this Math App


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Students Cheating with this Math App

Photomath is a math app that lets students focus the camera of their phone on any printed math problem. Once focused Photomath shows the student step by step all of the work and answers to the math problem.
geometry math app

Best Uses

There are good uses for the math app of course as well. It is great for us as teachers when we need an answer quickly or want to check our work. This also applies to the students. If used properly, it can be a great resource because they can check their work in a moments notice step by step without having to come ask you question on every single problem (yeah, we all have students that do that!)
geometry math app

Why write about cheating with this math app?

So why am I writing an article about how students are cheating in your class? Because this math app and others like it can be used in great ways too if controlled. is all about saving teachers time and frustration. This math app can do both for you! The best thing you can do is let your students know you know about this math app, you know they are using it, and you can tell when they are using it. Get on the same page as your students. Show them ways they can use this  math app to help them better understand math.
Another way to combat this is to use Google Classroom for your assignments. Here is our eCourse on ‘How to Setup and Use Google Classroom and Google Forms to Teach Geometry.’ This course also come with a Certificate of Completion to use for your artifacts and CEU’s.
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