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Pythagorean Theorem – NFL and Geometry

"A Squared plus B Squared equals C Squared"
Over and over and over again. We pound it into their young minds until it's impossible that they forget it. There are two ways to teach this. It can be taught to the test and memorized with no recall as to when to use it only how to use it. The second option is to first let them discover WHEN to use the Pythagorean Theorem then teach them HOW to use. If you just draw them nice little pictures on the board to do these things you will lose them in 30 seconds. Start the lesson with a video like this one.
That will grab them and bring them into the discussion. Just think of the importance and impact of this lesson. If they do not clearly understand the properties of right triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem they can't even begin to learn trigonometry. Do you have to show a football related video? No! There are plenty of videos on this topic that relate to all kinds of topics from designing a house to a dirt bike ramp.
The bottom line is be creative don't lose the class before you even start the lesson. This is one of the lessons in Geometry that has endless possibilities when it comes to creativity in the class room. Give them something memorable to recall so that when you teach them the Unit Circle they don't have to memorize the whole thing because they lack these basic skills. For tips on teaching the Unit Circle: Click Here
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Pythagorean theorem

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