Measuring Segments Worksheet - Segment Addition Postulate Worksheet

Segment Addition Postulate

As we all know Math concepts build on each other. When it comes to Measuring Segments and the Segment Addition Postulate there are multiple lessons we must pull together to teach this lesson. The videos below do an excellent job of explaining measuring segments using the following methods. Ruler Postulate – Segment Addition Postulate – […]

Volumes of Prisms and Cylinders - Geometry Lesson Plan

Two Tips to Teach Volumes of Prisms and Cylinders

I have seen so many math teachers that destroy this lesson because they cannot draw the shapes that they are teaching. One of which was a college professor of mine. As a student this is distracting. Not only are they trying to learn the materials that you are teaching but they are also trying to […]

Parallel Lines and Transversals Worksheet with Answers

Parallel Lines and Transversals

When it comes to teaching your students about Parallel Lines and Transversals its all about the visuals! Here are our Top 3 Favorite YouTube videos to assist in teaching this very lengthy lesson. 1.) Start with the Basics Before you can ever go into the details of the types of angles created by parallel lines and […]

Book of Nets

Nets and Drawings for Visualizing Geometry – Book of Nets Project

For most Geometry Teachers, Nets and Drawings for Visualizing Geometry is the first lesson of every new school year. We want to make sure you start the year off right so we are going to give you some tips and other free resources to help you get the year started off with a great lesson! […]

Ratios and Proportions worksheet with answers

Ratios and Proportions – Bad Teacher!

This is a lesson where you’re going to have to do some corrective teaching. Odds are their previous teacher taught them “cross multiply and divide!”   This method of teaching ratios and proportions is no more than a trick! It shows nothing about knowing why the students are doing what they are doing. It is […]

Pi Day Activities

Pi Day Top 5 for Geometry Teachers

Pi Day is here! Don’t be that math teacher that doesn’t do a Pi Day lesson. Here are our Top Fives to get you started.  Before we go right into it, if you are just looking for a Pi Day Activity to do with your Geometry Class and do not want to look through all […]

Polygons in the Coordinate Plane with Geogebra

Polygons in the Coordinate Plane – How to use Geogebra

Let me start by saying this. If you haven’t used in your Geometry classroom you are really missing out on huge amounts of engagement in your classroom.    The number one problem in all classrooms across the WORLD is our student’s every shrinking attention span. We as teachers, have to do a better job of […]

Google Forms, Google Classroom

How to Setup and Use Google Classroom and Google Forms to Teach Geometry

Google has created some really powerful tools that are available to educators. Today we will be learning how to use the following to create a hands on digital learning environment for your Geometry Class. (This course also comes with a certificate of completion for your artifacts or Continuing Education Units) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW! […]

Special Right Triangles

Special Right Triangles – The Foundation of Everything Trig

Well, it’s that time of the year! As you know your lesson on Special Right Triangles will not only be the foundation for everything trigonometry moving forward but it’s also something that their Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus teachers are heavily relying on you to teach them. Teaching the Unit Circle is hard enough if […]

The magic octagon - geometry - rigid motion

The Magic Octagon – Understand congruence in terms of rigid motions

Before we go into this amazing lesson that will have your students so engaged you won’t be able to get them to stop talking about it the rest of the day, let me show you the standard in which the lesson is based on… Understand congruence in terms of rigid motions CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.HSG.CO.B.6 Use geometric descriptions […]

how to teach inequalities in one triangle

Inequalities in One Triangle

It’s time to go back to school before the Holidays. Do you have your lesson plans ready? If not here is a Free Lesson to get you through your first day back. If you want all of the content we are having a 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS SALE! Just click any of the links throughout […]

Mid-segments of Triangles Worksheet with Answers

Midsegments of Triangles

Let’s face it about this time of the year we are getting very close to the holidays and suffering from some mid year burnout! No worries! Here are some great materials to help you through your section on Midsegments of Triangles. Included are a Homework Assignments, A video lesson (which is fairly entertaining), and a […]

Classifying Polygons

Classifying Polygons

Below you will find all of your free materials to help you teach Classifying Polygons. We are giving you these in both editable and PDF formats!   Video Lessons (Open Your Lesson with Something Fun Like This!) Here are your FREE materials for this lesson. Just click the links below to download the worksheets. Word Docs & […]

4-5 Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles

Here is your free content for this lesson! Word Docs & PowerPoints To gain access to our editable content Join the Geometry Teacher Community! Here you will find hundreds of lessons, a community of teachers for support, and materials that are always up to date with the latest standards. PDFs 4-5 Assignment – How Many […]

1-Bonus – Constructions

Here is your free content for this lesson! Word Docs & PowerPoints To gain access to our editable content Join the Geometry Teacher Community! Here you will find hundreds of lessons, a community of teachers for support, and materials that are always up to date with the latest standards. PDFs 1- Bonus Online Activities 1- […]

1-6 Classifying Polygons

Here is your free content for this lesson! Word Docs & PowerPoints 1-6 Assignment – Classifying Polygons 1-6 Bell Work – Classifying Polygons 1-6 Exit Quiz – Classifying Polygons 1-6 Guided Notes SE – Classifying Polygons 1-6 Guided Notes TE – Classifying Polygons 1-6 Online Activities – Classifying Polygons 1-6 Slide Show – Classifying Polygons […]

1-5 Exploring Angle Pairs

Here is your free content for this lesson! Exploring Angle Pairs – Word Docs & PowerPoints 1-5 Assignment – Exploring Angle Pairs 1-5 Bell Work – Exploring Angles Pairs 1-5 Exit Quiz – Exploring Angles Pairs 1-5 Guided Notes SE – Exploring Angle Pairs 1-5 Guided Notes TE – Exploring Angle Pairs 1-5 Lesson Plan […]

1-3 Measuring Segments

Here is your free content for this lesson! Measuring Segments – Word Docs & PowerPoints 1-3 Assignment – Measuring Segments 1-3 Bell Work – Measuring Segments 1-3 Exit Quiz – Measuring Segments 1-3 Guided Notes – Student Edition – Measuring Segments 1-3 Lesson Plan – Measuring Segments 1-3 Online Activity – Measuring Segments 1-3 Slide […]

Points Lines and Planes Worksheet

1-2 Points Lines and Planes

This is the lesson that many teachers skip or fly through because they “assume” (in huge air quotes) that the students know what these things are before they get to high school geometry.  Unfortunately without a great understanding of points lines and planes it’s almost impossible for them to grasp the tougher stuff.    Most […]

How to Make Geometry Interesting

How to make Geometry Interesting

Most students face problems in school especially in Geometry class. Being a teacher, the most important thing for you is to make sure that the concepts are clear enough. We all know that Geometry is not everybody’s cup of tea. Students face a number of difficulties in solving Geometrical problems and hence turn in a below average result. Here are […]


How to Teach Circles Using the Common Core Standards?

Here is a great video to assist you in starting your lessons on circles. We all know the standards have changed and this one specifically is a head ache due to the algebra 2 that is involved.  CCSS.Math.Content.HSG-GPE.A.1 Derive the equation of a circle of given center and radius using the Pythagorean Theorem; complete the square […]

Full Year of Geometry Lesson Plans

Our Geometry Teachers member area is now open! Get unlimited access to every lesson plan, presentation, worksheet, activity, PowerPoint, video, test, quiz, assessment and resource we have ever published on the site! Click the link below to get started with a Full Year of Geometry Lesson Plans! CLICK HERE TO GET INSTANT ACCESS NOW!! Subscribe […]

Geometry Common Core

How a Rock Star Geometry Teacher Uses the iPad to Educate

Let’s face it, being a teacher now is nothing like it was 10 years ago. Scratch that, 4 years ago! That was when the seniors now were freshmen. How do things change so quickly?   Rather than talk about the things that stress us out as Geometry Teachers with all of the recent standard changes, […]


Tessellation Project

This is my absolute favorite lesson in Geometry (Right in front of my second favorite lesson Dance Dance Transversal)! We do a week long project where the students create a poster board sized work of art using the Tessellations they create. The best way to do this project is to collaborate with the art teacher […]

Are you a Geometry Teacher with No Textbooks or Geometry Worksheets?

Does your school use textbooks older than your students? Do they use textbooks at all?    I got this email from a email subscriber.    I don’t know about you but I’m in a district that has no textbooks and I’m the only person teaching Geometry. As a new teacher to the district (not […]

Planning a Proof

Planning a Proof in Geometry is one of the most nerve racking subjects in the course. For the average student who will never be a math major or professor, being able to write a mathematical proof from scratch is not all that important. All of the standardized test only require that the students be able to […]

common core standards - geometry

Geometry Lessons | The Game Has Changed | Common Core Standards

You all know by now that with the common core standards our geometry books, as out dated as they already were, are now useless.  Everything we have done whether it be as a 20 year veteran or a 1st year rookie teacher has to be changed. Is this a bad thing? That remains to be […]