Hybrid Flipped Classroom

Hybrid Flipped Classroom Model

I get emails daily asking about the Flipped Classroom Model. When I started this company it was to provide Math Teachers with a way to get their free time back so that we wouldn't have to spend time planning lessons for class. I also wanted to completely eliminate out dated torn up text books from the world completely. 
I saw that everyday technology was replacing something new. My goal wasn't to use the Flipped Classroom Model. To be honest with you, I didn't even know what that was at the time. Then the further we got into the creation of our materials the more we realized things were changing. I was using a Hybrid Flipped Classroom Model and didn't even know it.
Instead of having them watch videos of the lessons at home I gave them some time in class to watch the lessons. I then taught the lesson and answered questions. This made sure that the lesson was fresh in their minds when they had the chance to ask the questions. As appose to watching them at home and not being able to raise their hand to ask a question. When they are home if they have further questions they can post them to our class discussion on Google Classroom (which we can all do from our phones).
My students all have iPads. They don't like using paper and pencil. They are faster doing their work on an iPad than they are actually writing. To them their iPad is their paper and pencil. Why? Because that is how they have grown up, just like we grew up using paper and pencil.

"Everyone is now attached to a device of some sort. Good or Bad that is just how things are..."

So, I wanted to create a way to better my students education and adapt to these technology changes that will make them feel more comfortable doing the work in my classroom. We have to remember as teachers our goal isn't to get them to do things the way we did it. It is to get them to learn and master the content we teach them!

Here is where the Flipped Classroom Model comes in...

I decided to flip my classroom... Kind of... (to see what I mean take the courses below) 
What I can tell you is that there is no comparison in my students work from before and after the change.
This was such a huge success that I went back to the drawing board for MathTeacherCoach.com and decided everything we produced was going to be able to work in a hybrid flipped classroom model. 

We created a course to teach teachers how to set up a flipped classroom model. They can be found here:

All of our lesson plans and materials are now compatible with any flipped classroom model. We give you everything you need to run a flipped classroom. You can join by clicking here: https://mathteachercoach.com/join

Top 5 Things I Liked About My Hybrid Flipped Classroom Model

  1. There was no push back by my students. I told them this is what we are going to do for a while. They were excited to try.
  2. The classroom behavior improved. Those one or two class clowns wouldn't dare make a peep anymore because everyone was always busy and engaged.
  3. In combination with the Math Teacher Community Materials their quality of work improved 10 fold! They like technology, they want it, they expect it!
  4. Their questions to me became much higher level. I don't get a lot of low level questions anymore. Mastery of the materials has gone up for sure!
  5. They are able to work at their own pace rather than how fast I decided to talk during the class lectures. This is probably the biggest upside. They can pause, rewind, then ask me questions on top of that.

BONUS: They can do any of their work from their phones, tablets, or laptops. I can assure you nothing in their book bag is from my classroom. It is all on their device wherever they go.

Here are the Top 3 Questions I get about the Flipped Classroom Model

  1. Where do I get the video lessons for them to watch?
Answer: Our team has spent years finding and creating the best resources for each lesson. It isn't something that happened in one day. We did research, we partnered with other teachers, and we created what needed to be created. If you join any of our Math Teacher Communities you will receive everything you need for every lesson!
  1. What platform do you use to communicate with your students? 
Answer: I use Google Classroom. I have tried them all and there is no comparison. Plus it has the backing of google and most schools use Gmail and Google Drive now a days so that made the decision even easier. I also do all of my grading and send them the materials through Google Classroom.
  1. Are there any reasons not to use the Flipped Classroom Model?
Answer: The only one I can think of is if your students don't have access to the technology. Just using the Flipped Classroom Model isn't the part that makes everything great. It is the combination of using the Flipped Classroom Model and The Math Teacher Community so that you have nothing to plan and all of the students work can be completed, turned in, and graded without using paper or pencil at all. This doesn't mean you don't ever have to use paper and pencil but I can tell you my students NEVER do.

Do you use the Flipped Classroom Model?

We would love to hear from you if you use your own version of the Flipped Classroom Model! Post in the comments below and let us know how you do things.

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