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How to Deal with a Class Clown – Classroom Management Strategies

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What is the one thing a class clown wants more than anything else?



What causes a class clown?

Two things usually…


They have given up on a subject and have a don’t care mentality. They will do anything to distract anyone from talking about the subject they don’t have faith or confidence in. Most class clowns are perfect angels in the classes of the subjects that they excel in.


They are just an outgoing person who likes to be the center of attention.

Here’s the solution to both issues…

Get that student involved from day one. Give them a role in the class and keep them involved in the lesson. Do not give them down time. If they aren’t confident in math don’t give them something to do infront of the class that they can’t do. Start with a role like passing things out, taking attendance, writing down the answers on the board to problems that others are giving them the answers to. That way when there are mistakes he or she has a hands on visual of why. As they get more comfortable then get them doing more. There are tons of moving parts in a classroom. Just assign them tasks. They will love it. Even the students you think won’t will. They all want to feel like they are important and being counted on.


Here is a list of tasks for your class clown that will soon become one of your favorite students.


• Take Attendance at the beginning of every class so they don’t get distracted early

• Pass out Papers

• Write for you at board

• Control smart board or mirroring system

• Pick which student answers the next question

• Pass out calculators or anything else that needs distributed


Have more classroom management strategies and ideas for dealing with a class clown? Leave them in the comments below for everyone to take advantage of!


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