find and use slopes of lines

Find and Use Slopes of Lines

In geometry, learning how to find and use slopes of lines to solve mathematical problems as well as identify their uses in the real world is one of the most important lessons in units about parallel and perpendicular lines.n 4 5 6  7  8  Although this topic can be challenging for geometry students, there are […]

Midpoint and distance in the coordinate plane

Teaching Midpoint and Distance in the Coordinate Plane

When learning about midpoint and distance in the coordinate plane, children learn how to apply the formula for finding the midpoint, as well as use the distance formula and the Pythagorean theorem to find the distance between two points. As a teacher, you may find that, sometimes, children struggle with these math concepts, and you […]

Teaching congruent figures

Teaching Congruent Figures

When learning about congruent figures in geometry, students learn how to label shapes with tick marks to show side and angle congruence. Though these beginning lessons on congruent figures may seem challenging for some students, teachers can help out in a variety of ways! So if you’re teaching congruent figures, we bring you a few […]

Triangle Congruence by ASA and AAS

Triangle Congruence by ASA and AAS

After students familiarize themselves with congruent figures, they move on to triangle congruence by ASA and AAS. More specifically, they learn how to prove triangles are congruent using ASA and AAS. If you’re teaching this topic and wondering how to make these lessons accessible and exciting for your students – we’ve got you covered! Use […]

Perpendicular and angle bisectors

Teaching Perpendicular and Angle Bisectors

In geometry, students learn about perpendicular and angle bisectors. They become proficient in applying theorems about perpendicular bisectors, as well as in applying theorems about angle bisectors. To make perpendicular and angle bisector lessons more interesting, math teachers and homeschooling parents can employ diverse teaching strategies, including more engaging teaching and interactive games. Read on […]

Teaching Bisectors in Triangles

Teaching Bisectors in Triangles

In earlier lessons, students have familiarized themselves with perpendicular and angle bisectors. They’re now ready to learn about bisectors in triangles, and more specifically, how to apply the properties of perpendicular and angle bisectors of a triangle. Although teaching bisectors in triangles can be challenging, there are some ways to make your lesson more interesting. […]

best geometry book

Best Geometry Books for Kids

Incorporating math-related children’s literature in math teaching at home and in the classroom can pique children’s interest in mathematics and help them better understand math notions. According to one experimental study, not only did the use of geometry-related children’s literature significantly ameliorate children’s achievements in geometry, but it also led to considerable amelioration of their […]

Proving theorems

Proving Theorems in Geometry

When students start learning about proving theorems, they already have some knowledge of what a theorem is. For example, they’ve come across the Pythagorean Theorem in earlier grades. Much of their work in geometry will consist of proving theorems. And even for the best of math students, this can be a bit of a challenge! […]

How to prove lines are parallel

How to Prove Lines Are Parallel

In advanced geometry lessons, students learn how to prove lines are parallel. More specifically, they learn how to identify properties for parallel lines and transversals and become fluent in constructing proofs that involve two lines parallel or not, that are cut by a transversal. For many students, learning how to prove lines are parallel can […]

logic in geometry

Teaching Logic in Geometry

When building arguments, mathematically fluent students can understand and use definitions, assumptions, and facts. They can justify their statements and conclusion by relying on logic. This is why it’s important to teach logic in math. This of course includes teaching logic in geometry as well. But if you’re a math teacher, you are probably aware […]

Teaching angle pairs

Teaching Angle Pairs

In middle school, children learn to identify angle pairs, including supplementary, complementary, vertical, and adjacent angles. They then learn to use the relationships of angle pairs to find angle measures. There are plenty of ways in which math teachers and homeschooling parents can help children become proficient in identifying angle pairs and solving angle-related equations. […]

Introducing Proofs with Uno Cards - Geometry

Proofs with Uno Cards

Introducing Proofs to your Geometry class has to be one of the most difficult lessons for most Geometry Teachers. This is my favorite way to introduce proofs. I have found many different variations of the proofs with uno cards lesson over the years and finally decided to put together my favorite proofs and give them […]

Valentines Day Math Activity - Geometry - Classifying Quadrilaterals

Valentine’s Day Math Activity – Classifying Quadrilaterals

Here is a fun little Valentines Day Math Activity (Color Match) that actually has something to do with Geometry! (Not just simple non course relevant remedial math.)  😉 This Valentines Day Math Activity is on Classifying Quadrilaterals Valentine’s Day Activity – Classifying Quadrilaterals Have a Great Week! Want access to the rest of our Geometry Holiday […]

Christmas Math Worksheets

Christmas Math Worksheets

It’s finally my favorite time of the year! It’s time to teach Trigonometry and it’s Christmas week. Which means you need Christmas Math worksheets and activities. Most of us are teaching Trigonometry Right now. Here is our Geometry Coach Trigonometry Christmas Bundle! These are Christmas Math Worksheets that involve solving Trigonometry related problems and then […]

Thanksgiving Geometry Worksheets - thanksgiving activities for high school students math thanksgiving activities for middle school thanksgiving math coloring worksheets thanksgiving worksheet for geometry thanksgiving geometry coloring worksheet thanksgiving geometry coloring activity thanksgiving geometry coloring activity pdf math thanksgiving worksheet thanksgiving activities for high school students thanksgiving activities for middle school students thanksgiving geometry activities geometry thanksgiving activities math thanksgiving activities

Thanksgiving Worksheet for Geometry – Happy Turkey Day!

Are you looking for a Thanksgiving worksheet for Geometry? I have GREAT news for you! We are going to give you seven of them. Scroll down to find the links to download 7 different Thanksgiving Geometry Coloring Activity pdf files. Here are some Thanksgiving Geometry Worksheets. These are Thanksgiving activities for high school students. They […]

halloween geometry activities high school

Halloween Geometry Activities High School

Halloween Geometry Activities High School: Here are some Halloween Geometry Worksheets. These are Color Match Activities so you will need something for them to color their answer sheets with. What Does My Halloween Math Classroom Look Like? There are a few holidays every year that I go all out for. One of them is Halloween! […]

Classifying Polygons Geometry Activity

How to Teach Classifying Polygons

Below you will find all of your free materials to help you teach Classifying Polygons. We are giving you these in both editable and PDF formats! Classifying Polygons Video Lessons (Open Your Lesson with Something Fun Like This!) What is a Polygon? A Polygon is a closed figure made of line segments. Polygons have at […]

Points Lines and Planes Worksheet

Points Lines and Planes

Points Lines and Planes in Geometry is the lesson that many teachers skip or fly through because they “assume” (in huge air quotes) that the students know what these things are before they get to high school geometry. Unfortunately without a great understanding of points lines and planes, it’s almost impossible for them to grasp […]


Tessellation Project

This is my absolute favorite lesson in Geometry (Right in front of my second favorite lesson Dance Dance Transversal)! We do a week long project where the students create a poster board sized work of art using the Tessellations they create. The best way to do this project is to collaborate with the art teacher […]

Unit Circle

The Unit Circle – Hand Trick

IMPORTANT! This activity is a SUPPLEMENT to your lesson on the Unit Circle. Your students must know how to create it using Special Right Triangles. This activity is meant to create a recall point for your students. Meaning, something exciting to remember the lesson by and its importance. So when they hear the terms Unit Circle […]

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Introduction to Trigonometry

Introduction to Trigonometry – Where to Start!For the best introduction to trigonometry you want to start by WOWING your class. Before you even mention you are starting trigonometry take them through a real world problem.Example Problem to Start With:Pick one student from your class. Preferably one who doesn’t usually pay attention (Let’s say his name […]

Pi Day Activities

Pi Day Top 5 for Geometry Teachers

Pi Day 2023 is here! Don’t be that math teacher that doesn’t do a lesson for this fun day. Below are our Top Five Pi Day resources to get you started. We list our Top 5 Favorite Pi Day videos, websites, and activities. We also give you a bunch of Free Pi Day Worksheets from […]

Polygons in the Coordinate Plane with Geogebra

Polygons in the Coordinate Plane – How to use Geogebra

Let me start by saying this. If you haven’t used in your Geometry classroom you are really missing out on huge amounts of engagement in your classroom. Math Students Shrinking Attention Span The number one problem in all classrooms across the WORLD is our student’s every shrinking attention span. We as teachers, have to do […]

Teaching Tessellations

Teaching Tessellations to Your Geometry Class

One of our most popular blog post lessons is our lesson on The Tessellation Project. It can be found here: We have decided to do a follow up that goes into more detail on making this project truly amazing in your Geometry classroom. Where to Start When Teaching Tessellations?The first thing you have to do is teach the […]

Reasoning and Proof Geometry

Reasoning and Proof

Before your ever start a lesson on Reasoning and Proof you must understand 2 very important things. First, your students will not like proofs. For the most part even your absolute best students will strongly dislike proofs. Secondly, don’t start with proving mathematical concepts! Do your students hate proofs? Your students don’t have to dislike […]

Dance Dance Transversal PowerPoint

Geometry Games – Dance Dance Transversal

While on Pinterest yesterday I ran across some amazing Geometry Games on Parallel Lines and Transversals! Here is my favorite! A game called Dance Dance Transversal! Yes is it a play off the popular video game Dance Dance Revolution. Here is what you will need for this Geometry Game A Roll of Tape A Big Empty Room […]

Mid-segments of Triangles Worksheet with Answers

Midsegments of Triangles

Let’s face it! About this time of the year, we are getting very close to the holidays and suffering from some mid-year burnout. No worries! Here are some great materials to help you through your lesson on Midsegments of Triangles. Included are Homework Assignments, A video lesson (which is fairly entertaining), and a Class Activity. […]

How to Teach Planning a Proof Geometry - Worksheet, Guided Notes, PowerPoint, Quiz

Planning a Proof

Planning a Proof in Geometry is one of the most nerve racking subjects in the course. For the average student who will never be a math major or professor, being able to write a mathematical proof from scratch is not all that important. All of the standardized test only require that the students be able to […]

congruent triangles by side side side and side angle side

Triangle Congruence by SSS and SAS

Before you can ever start with proofs your students need to have a clear understanding of what makes sides and angles of triangles congruent. This lesson on Triangle Congruence by SSS and SAS is one of the more memorization based lessons to teach. With that said the only way to memorize something and master is […]

How to Teach the Pythagorean Theorem and its Converse - Worksheet - Guided Notes - PowerPoint

Pythagorean Theorem – NFL and Geometry

“A Squared plus B Squared equals C Squared” Over and over and over again. We pound it (The Pythagorean Theorem) into their young minds until it’s impossible that they forget it. There are two ways to teach this. It can be taught to the test and memorized with no recall as to when to use […]

how to teach inequalities in one triangle

Inequalities in One Triangle

This lesson is on Triangle Inequalities (Specifically Inequalities in One Triangle). There is a video lesson at the bottom of the post to show your class. This should give you a little extra time to get situated and back into the swing of things before Christmas Break! Angle Side Theorem – Inequalities in One Triangle […]

Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal Worksheet

Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal – Colorful Flip Book Notes

Using both the left and right side of the brain when taking notes is extremely important in retaining the information. This can be accomplished when studying parallel lines cut by a transversal. We have created what we call Colorful Flip Book Notes for parallel lines cut by a transversal! Your students will color the specific […]

Measuring Angles Worksheet

Measuring Angles Putt-Putt Course Design Project

Measuring Angles Putt-Putt Course Design Project This Measuring Angles Project provides the instructions for students to design a putt-putt golf course that incorporates requirements for acute, obtuse, right, straight, and reflex angles. There is a list of specific measurements to use as well as parallel and perpendicular lines and shapes to include such as a […]

Circles - Tangent Lines Graphic Organizer

How to Teach Tangent Lines – Graphic Organizer

When you start teaching your unit on Circles, Tangent Lines, and Secant Lines there are a lot of vocabulary words that your students will need to learn. One of the best ways to teach Vocabulary is with a good graphic organizer. The unit on circles starts with Tangent Lines and this graphic organizer will give your […]

Measuring Segments Worksheet - Segment Addition Postulate Worksheet

Segment Addition Postulate

As we all know Math concepts build on each other. When it comes to Measuring Segments and the Segment Addition Postulate there are multiple lessons we must pull together to teach this lesson. The videos below do an excellent job of explaining measuring segments using the following methods. Ruler Postulate – Segment Addition Postulate –

Volumes of Prisms and Cylinders - Geometry Lesson Plan

Two Tips to Teach Volumes of Prisms and Cylinders

I have seen so many math teachers that destroy this lesson because they cannot draw the shapes that they are teaching. One of which was a college professor of mine. As a student this is distracting. Not only are they trying to learn the materials that you are teaching but they are also trying to […]

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Parallel Lines and Transversals

When it comes to teaching your students about Parallel Lines and Transversals its all about the visuals! Here are our Top 3 Favorite YouTube videos to assist in teaching this very lengthy lesson. 1.) Start with the Basics when Teaching Parallel Lines and Transversals Before you can ever go into the details of the types of […]

Book of Nets, Nets and Drawings for Visualizing Geometry, Nets Project, geometry nets, nets for geometry, nets in geometry, geometry nets worksheet, nets in geometry worksheets, geometry solids nets, geometry 3d nets, geometry nets cut outs, geometry nets activity, geometry nets game, geometry nets pdf, geometry nets interactive, geometry nets powerpoint, geometry nets printable worksheets, geometry nets video, math geometry nets, nets geometry definition

Nets and Drawings for Visualizing Geometry – Geometry Nets Project

For most Geometry Teachers, Geometry Nets and Drawings for Visualizing Geometry is the first lesson of every new school year. We want to make sure you start the year off right so we are going to give you some tips and other free resources to help you get the year started off with a great […]

Ratios and Proportions worksheet with answers

Ratios and Proportions – Bad Teacher!

This is a lesson where you’re going to have to do some corrective teaching. Odds are their previous teacher taught them “cross multiply and divide!” This method of teaching ratios and proportions is no more than a trick! It shows nothing about knowing why the students are doing what they are doing. It is far […]

Hybrid Flipped Classroom

Hybrid Flipped Classroom Model

I get emails daily asking about the Flipped Classroom Model. When I started this company it was to provide Math Teachers with a way to get their free time back so that we wouldn’t have to spend time planning lessons for class. I also wanted to completely eliminate out dated torn up text books from […]

how to create a jeopardy game

How to Create a Jeopardy Game

There are tons of ways to review for test, quizzes, or even just the previous days lesson. However, if you want their very best performance Jeopardy is definitely the way to go. How to Create a Jeopardy Game: The Top 3 1. Flippity: ++ Flippity has many games you can create. – + You have to […]

5 Tips for New Teachers

5 Tips for New Teachers

Finally! You’ve graduated from college and you’ve been given your first position as a math teacher… Now that the stress of the job hunt is over you have an entirely new set of things to stress about. How to manage and teach your Geometry class full of students you’ve never met before. Literally everything about […]

8 Teacher Discounts you don't want to miss this summer

8 Teacher Discounts you don’t want to miss this Summer

Before you plan your next vacation be sure to look into some of these crazy discounts for teachers! NEVER leave for vacation without you School ID. It is crazy how many companies have teacher discounts.1. Hotels – This first one is a a fairly commonly known discount. It doesn’t only apply to Teachers. It applies to all […]

geometry math app

Your Students are Cheating with this Math App

Photomath It can be found here: Students Cheating with this Math App Photomath is a math app that lets students focus the camera of their phone on any printed math problem. Once focused Photomath shows the student step by step all of the work and answers to the math problem. Best Uses There are […]

Google Forms, Google Classroom

How to Setup and Use Google Classroom and Google Forms to Teach Geometry

Google has created some really powerful tools that are available to educators. Today we will be learning how to use the following to create a hands on digital learning environment for your Geometry Class. (This course also comes with a certificate of completion for your artifacts or Continuing Education Units) In this eCourse you will […]

Special Right Triangles

Special Right Triangles – The Foundation of Everything Trig

Well, it’s that time of the year! As you know your lesson on Special Right Triangles will not only be the foundation for everything trigonometry moving forward but it’s also something that their Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus teachers are heavily relying on you to teach them. Teaching the Unit Circle is hard enough if […]

Interactive Geometry Teaching Techniques

Interactive Geometry Teaching Techniques

A lot of Students hate Math and it is a given that they will hate Geometry as well. They think numbers, shapes and equations are difficult and hard to compute. It is our job to keep them engaged and eager to learn. Use interactive geometry teaching techniques to get through to them. You are often left […]

The magic octagon - geometry - rigid motion

The Magic Octagon – Understand Congruence in Terms of Rigid Motions

Before we go into this amazing lesson that will have your students so engaged you won’t be able to get them to stop talking about it the rest of the day, let me show you the standard in which the lesson is based on. Understand congruence in terms of rigid motions. Understand Congruence in Terms of […]

Geometry Attention Getters

Attention Getters to Keep Your Geometry Class Locked in!

Lazy, non-interested students are every teacher’s nightmare. Looking at the droopy eyes of your students while you are pouring everything you have into that lecture is devastating. Fear not! With the right attention getters, techniques, and tips you will not only grab their attention but get them hooked on geometry. You don’t have to be like Robin Williams from the dead poet’s […]

How to Teach the Properties of Quadrilaterals

Introducing the concepts of quadrilaterals to kids can be a very challenging task. Different children have different learning capacities, which makes teaching that much more complicated. Some kids may understand the basics of geometry in just a few moments, while other kids may not have a clue of what you are talking about. In this […]

How to Make Geometry Interesting

How to make Geometry Interesting

Most students face problems in school especially in Geometry class. Being a teacher, the most important thing for you is to make sure that the concepts are clear enough. We all know that Geometry is not everybody’s cup of tea. Students face a number of difficulties in solving Geometrical problems and hence turn in a below average result. Here are […]


How to Teach Circles Using the Common Core Standards?

Here is a great video to assist you in starting your lessons on circles. We all know the standards have changed and this one specifically is a head ache due to the algebra 2 that is involved. CCSS.Math.Content.HSG-GPE.A.1 Derive the equation of a circle of given center and radius using the Pythagorean Theorem; complete the square to […]

Full Year of Geometry Lesson Plans

Our Geometry Teachers member area is now open! Get unlimited access to every lesson plan, presentation, worksheet, activity, PowerPoint, video, test, quiz, assessment and resource we have ever published on the site! Click the link below to get started with a Full Year of Geometry Lesson Plans!CLICK HERE TO GET INSTANT ACCESS NOW!!

Geometry Common Core

How a Rock Star Geometry Teacher Uses the iPad to Educate

  Let’s face it, being a teacher now is nothing like it was 10 years ago. Scratch that, 4 years ago! That was when the seniors now were freshmen. How do things change so quickly?   Rather than talk about the things that stress us out as Geometry Teachers with all of the recent standard […]

Are you a Geometry Teacher with No Textbooks or Geometry Worksheets?

Does your school use textbooks older than your students? Do they use textbooks at all?   I got this email from a email subscriber.   I don’t know about you but I’m in a district that has no textbooks and I’m the only person teaching Geometry. As a new teacher to the district (not […]

classroom management strategies

How to Deal with a Class Clown – Classroom Management Strategies

What is the one thing a class clown wants more than anything else? TO BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION!   What causes a class clown? Two things usually… First They have given up on a subject and have a don’t care mentality. They will do anything to distract anyone from talking about the subject they […]

common core standards - geometry

Geometry Lessons | The Game Has Changed | Common Core Standards

You all know by now that with the common core standards our geometry books, as out dated as they already were, are now useless. Everything we have done whether it be as a 20 year veteran or a 1st year rookie teacher has to be changed. Is this a bad thing? That remains to be […]

How to Teach Dimensions

Teaching Dimensions with Super Mario – Geometry

This is one of my favorite lessons to teach because it is all around us and they know exactly what they are and don’t know it. Teaching Dimensions is fun using video games! How to Teach Dimensions Let’s start with a One Dimensional Lines. Simple, it’s the distance between two points. Every time we measure […]

Lesson for the first day of Geometry class

Lesson for the First Day of Geometry Class

The absolute most important day of the school year is the first! This is where you have one hour, maybe less, to make a 185 day lasting impression on your students. The younger you are and the fewer amount of years you’ve been teaching the more difficult this is. The First Day of Geometry should […]