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You all know by now that with the common core standards our geometry books, as out dated as they already were, are now useless.
Everything we have done whether it be as a 20 year veteran or a 1st year rookie teacher has to be changed. Is this a bad thing? That remains to be seen. However, it does mean we have to make some changes.
Here are 3 Things that MUST be changed…

1) Common Core Aligned Geometry Lesson Plans

All of our previous lesson plans that we used year in and year out now must be updated to fit the new standards. Wow! Remember how long it took you to make and perfect them those first few years?

2) Common Core Aligned Geometry Assessments

The tests that we used from our old text books aren’t going to cut it anymore because they aren’t aligned to the new CCSS. This means even if you were lucky enough to have the tests pre-made and handed to you from a purchased text book they have to be redone. Now we have to create tests that we never had to create in the first place and they have to be aligned with standards we’ve never used before? That’s about as time consuming as it gets.

3) Production

It doesn’t matter how great of an educator you are, if you have to create all new lessons and all new tests then teach it all in an order and process you’ve never used there WILL BE bumps in the road and a learning curve.
What’s this mean?
You’ll be spending a lot more time creating and aligning than you will delivering amazing inspiring lessons to your students. Our most valuable asset is time as everyone knows. How are we going to get it back? Here is something to get you started…


Geometry Lesson Plans, Geometry Worksheets PDF, Geometry Activities

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