how to create a jeopardy game

How to Create a Jeopardy Game

There are tons of ways to review for test, quizzes, or even just the previous days lesson. However, if you want their very best performance Jeopardy is definitely the way to go.

How to Create a Jeopardy Game: The Top 3

1. Flippity:

  • ++ Flippity has many games you can create.
  • - + You have to have a Google Account to use this one.
  • + Can make the game look however you want color wise if you are good with Google Sheets.
  • + It's free to use.
  • -  Can be complicated if you aren't familiar with Google Sheets and Drive.
  • + These can be saved to Google Drive to use later. They are not stored on Flippity! (Biggest Different)

2. Jeopardy Rocks:

  • + Free!
  • + Visually appealing games
  • + Very easy to use
  • - Have to create an account

3. Jeopardy Labs:

  • + The plus here is it's free!
  • + If you create an account you can make your games private.
  • + Directions are easy to follow.
  • - If you don't create an account then they are searchable on Google and anyone can play the game you created.
  • Here is a Sample on Conditional Probability:
I personally have used all three. I do however, prefer the Flippity Template because I can save everything in my Google Drive account and use it later without worrying it will disappear. I can also download them and save them to my computer. I also love that I can customize the way everything looks and add my own personal touch. With Jeopardy Labs and Jeopardy Rocks you are stuck with their designs.

If you want access to all of our pre-made Jeopardy Review Games simply join the other Geometry Teachers in side the Geometry Teacher Community!


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