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How a Rock Star Geometry Teacher Uses the iPad to Educate

Let's face it, being a teacher now is nothing like it was 10 years ago. Scratch that, 4 years ago! That was when the seniors now were freshmen. How do things change so quickly?
Rather than talk about the things that stress us out as Geometry Teachers with all of the recent standard changes, let's discuss the changes that can make you a ROCK STAR Geometry Teacher! If you aren't using technology in your classroom (and I'm not referring to outdated Smart Boards) then you are missing out on a way to make your life much easier. If you have an iPad, a way to project it or mirror it (onto a TV, Smart Board, or even a wall), and want to be your students favorite teacher then you are about to become the Elvis Presley of Geometry Teaching!

1. Take out your iPad and download the app Explain Everything. 

 Another thing that will make life easier would be a stylist pen but you don't have to have one.

2. Then watch these tutorials...


Here is a video we made using  Explain Everything! It is a simple app with MASSIVE POWER for your classroom!

3. Do every lesson from now on with this app!

It will record your voice and your screen. So imagine being able to pull up anything you want, including a web browser or video, and being able to write on it and lead the class discussion without actually being on camera. 
All you have to do is what you do everyday anyway but on the iPad. Your students will now be able to go home and re-watch the lesson from the day while they are doing their homework. How annoying is it when a student misses a day of school and you have to reteach just that one student? Not anymore just post the video of the lesson for them to watch. Do you hate losing a day when you have a sub? Not anymore just have them watch your recorded lesson. 
There are literally endless possibilities with this app that is $3.99. I personally think of something new to use it for everyday! 
So let's refresh...
If you are a Geometry Coach Community Member and use Explain Everything you will have more free time than you know what to do with! If you haven't joined yet make sure you get signed up so you can enjoy the free time that veteran teachers have because they have spent years creating the material you will be handed in the Geometry Teacher Community! Present Rock Star lessons because you don't have to waste time planning!
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