Teaching Tessellations

Teaching Tessellations to Your Geometry Class

One of our most popular blog post lessons is our lesson on The Tessellation Project.
We have decided to do a follow up that goes into more detail on making this project truly amazing in your Geometry classroom. 

Where to Start When Teaching Tessellations?

The first thing you have to do is teach the students what a tessellation is. They need to understand that all of the mathematical transformations can be expressed in tessellations. I would not have your students do overly complex tessellations involving reflections and rotations. That will lead to too much head ache with creating them unless you are working with an art teacher where the students will have more time for the project. However, I would show them examples of these things.
Here is a video to assist you with that.

The History 

You will want to show them the work and history behind the most famous tessellation creator of all time M.C. Escher. This will show them that this lesson and project have real world examples. You can show them that this is just another example of how math is all around us even in art where they probably do not expect it! 
Here is Escher's website: http://www.mcescher.com/
Here is a video series that is not out dated and overly boring on the History of Escher's work.

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