8 Teacher Discounts you don't want to miss this summer

8 Teacher Discounts you don’t want to miss this Summer

Before you plan your next vacation be sure to look into some of these crazy discounts for teachers! NEVER leave for vacation without you School ID. It is crazy how many companies have teacher discounts.

1. Hotels -

This first one is a a fairly commonly known discount. It doesn't only apply to Teachers. It applies to all Government employees. Simply let them know when you book the room that you are a Government employee and they will let you know the discount you will receive. Don't forget to take your ID with you. Some hotels will ask for it at check in.

2. Amusement Parks - 

For some reason this is one thing that most of us do not think to ask about for a teacher discount. However, it is also probably the most popular vacation. Amusement parks are something you can do on a moments notice and aren't too crazy expensive (unless you're going to Disney of course: and yes they have a discount too!). So the next time you plan a trip to your favorite park be sure to ask about teacher or government discounts.

3. Car Rental - 

NEA Members can save big on car rentals. Login to you NEA account to see these offers and book your next trip.

4. Teacher Identity Card -

Receive discounts for worldwide travel and activities with the International Teacher Identity Card. This includes exclusive educator flight prices with STA Travel. You don’t need to travel internationally to take advantage of all the discounts. There are more than 125,000 travel discounts right here in the United States. Save at Regal Cinemas, Target, Costco, Firestone, Six Flags, Dell and more. 

5. Airline Tickets -

These perks come in a few ways. The first is just to call the airline and ask for a teacher discount. I have found this to sometimes get bigger perks than to use your Teacher Identity Card from above. This isn't always the case though so I would try both. All of the major airlines I have ever flown on offer teacher discounts.

6. Cruises -

Cruise companies offer special discounts to active or retired teachers. This is AWESOME because most cruises are all inclusive! Register with Vacations to Go to be notified of teacher discounts on cruises on popular cruise lines.

7. Attractions - 

Teachers are eligible for a variety of discounted attractions throughout the US. There are so many programs available it's impossible to list them all. Your best bet is to Google your destination to determine if there are any educator discount programs. You could also call ahead. Some of our favorites include SeaWorld Teacher Study Pass and LEGOland Florida Teacher Pass. There are literally hundreds of options all over the US. 

8. Educational Tours -

Tour companies like EF Tours offer teachers a free spot on the tour for every six students that enroll. This covers airfare, hotels and most excursions. It's an excellent way to visit an exotic or dream vacation for free! Companies like Explorica offer a free training trip prior to taking your students. Learn from experienced guides how to lead student trips and have plenty of time to explore on your own. 


If you want to save time so that you can enjoy trips like this you should consider joining the Geometry Teacher Community. You'll be able to throw your textbooks in the trash and have everything you need to teach your Geometry Class just one click away! Spend your summer relaxing not stressing about planning for next school year!
There are tons of awesome teacher discounts like this... Share your favorites in the comments!

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