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Proofs with Uno Cards


Introducing Proofs to your Geometry class has to be one of the most difficult lessons for most Geometry Teachers. This is my favorite way to introduce proofs. I have found many different variations of the proofs with uno cards lesson over the years and finally decided to put together my favorite proofs and give them to you 🙂

Why use Gamification to Teach Proofs?

According to Dr. Karyn Purves, a recent study by scientists found it takes nearly 400 repetitions to create a synapse in the brain, unless play is involved. The synapse can be created after 10 to 20 repetitions while playing a game.

My students have always struggled with proofs. Well, they did until I figured out this little gem of a teaching strategy. If a lesson is fun and engaging as well as relatable to something they know, it is likely they will make the connection. Most students are familiar with the game Uno.

If not, there is no harm in teaching them how to play and letting them play a game or two in class. All students will then be able to use an engaging activity to connect to an unfamiliar concept. The Power Point presentation included in this lesson is a great way to introduce Uno Proofs to students and spark a class discussion. Reasoning and Proofs will take some time for them to master and this activity is always where I start.


What’s Included in the Uno Proofs Lesson

A sheet of problems is also included for students to work on their own. You will need to help those who have questions by asking what kinds of cards can be placed on the ‘Given’ card and if there are any cards that fit the criteria and allow another move. Repeat this process until the problem is ‘Proven.’

Proving Geometry Concepts with Uno Cards

Let individuals or groups create proofs of their own and exchange with other individuals or groups. If there are questions or differences of opinion, allow students to discuss the issues in the same manner that questions were answered by the instructor when students needed guidance or defend the steps taken if they disagreed. They may find there are multiple ‘Proofs’ that work.


Uno Proofs Power Point Presentation

Proofs with Uno Cards PowerPoint (PDF – FREEBIE)

Proofs with Uno Cards   (PPT – Editable)

Introducing Proofs with Uno Class Activity

Uno Proofs Worksheet – Student Edition (PDF – FREEBIE)

Uno Proofs Worksheet – Teacher Edition   (Doc – Editable)

Full Deck of Digital Uno Card Images

The first time I wanted to do this lesson I really struggled to find a digital deck of cards so that I could make my own sample problems ad worksheets. I did not like all the samples I was finding online. I felt most were too easy. So, I created my own digital deck of uno cards so I could make my own problems.

If you want access to my digital deck of Uno Proofs Cards you can download them here:


Digital Deck of Uno Cards  (PDF – FREE)


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