Circles - Tangent Lines Graphic Organizer

How to Teach Tangent Lines – Graphic Organizer

When you start teaching your unit on Circles, Tangent Lines, and Secant Lines there are a lot of vocabulary words that your students will need to learn. One of the best ways to teach Vocabulary is with a good graphic organizer.
We created a graphic organizer for you to use with them. You can download it in the Freebie section at the bottom of this post!
 Circles - Tangent Lines Graphic Organizer

Here are 4 Teaching Points to use this Graphic Organizer

  1. Use Different Colors for Each Vocab Word
    • Use the same color for the picture and to write the text you give them for the boxes.
  2. Make sure they use a ruler!
    • If their lines are not straight this will cause confusion and look sloppy so when they study it won't look like the test or homework.
  3. Cut the Solid Lines and Fold the Dashed!

  4. The Vocabulary Words and Definitions for this Lesson can be found in the Guided Notes.
    • Also, located in the Freebie Section below!

Here is your free content for this lesson on Tangent Lines!

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