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3 Ways to Make Your Life Easier as a Geometry Teacher Without More Geometry Worksheets

Teaching Geometry is one of the most difficult subjects to teach. Not because of the reasons you'd think though. It's not because most kids are told how hard it is before they ever take it, it's not because you have to teach kids proofs, it's not because its different than all of the other math classes due to it's more visual concepts. It's because it's one of the most time consuming core subject areas there is to prepare for. Sure, you could print work sheets from a book coast by and cover the content, but if you are teaching the most engaging real world math class in your school shouldn't it be taught that way?

With that said here are 3 ways to be that amazing teacher and not lose your mind because of how much of your free time you have to give up in preparation!

1.) Join Groups

Join communities of other geometry teachers online that love to share great ideas for teaching each lesson instead of scouring Pinterest or Google. You don't have to reinvent the wheel with every lesson. Together across the country there have been geometry teachers that have created mind blowing lesson for every topic. Your time doesn't need to be spent finding them. You should be a part of a Geometry Teacher Forum to get these great ideas. If you are one of those teachers who created a mind blowing lesson don't be greedy share it with everyone!
We have a Facebook Group Dedicated to Middle & High School Math Teachers. You can join our Facebook Group by clicking this link:

2.) Stop Wasting Time Creating Geometry Worksheets

Stop creating your own geometry worksheets, tests, quizzes, lesson plans, bell work assignments, PowerPoint slides, and anything else you can think of. Think about it like this. How long does it take you to create one test or geometry worksheet that is common core aligned? We all know the answer and are afraid to admit it. TIME IS MONEY! You can purchase full lesson plans with every piece of content you could possibly ever need. What dollar amount is worth getting to spend two extra hours per night with your children, getting to go home right after school, being able to go on a date with your spouse, being able to focus on your son or daughter's game rather than stressing the entire time about when you are going to prepare your lessons for tomorrow? I think you get the point. Spend the money to save the time. It will be the best decision you've ever made for your stress as a teacher and you will wish you would have done it long ago!


When you feel you are starting to get behind do not let things snowball. Like we stated before. There have been many teachers before you that have created great mind blowing lessons. Guess what? They also have video taped them and made them available for the world to see. I know what you are thinking, "then I have to find them, more research." No, you just make sure the plans you purchase include all of that. Here is what we recommend! Do not be afraid to put on a video of someone else leading the lesson and get caught up while they are engaged. Use self teaching technologies such as Khan Academy. Your students love these technologies anyways. If you are stressed about something else or not fully engaged with your students are you really providing the best lesson to them anyway?

There are literally millions of places you can find materials on-line. Do not get sucked into that time trap either! Below are some Free Geometry Worksheets, Guided Teacher Notes, Lesson Plans, On-line Activities, Tests, Quizzes, and more.


Free Geometry Lesson Plans Common Core Standards

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