How to Make Geometry Interesting

How to make Geometry Interesting

Most students face problems in school especially in Geometry class. Being a teacher, the most important thing for you is to make sure that the concepts are clear enough. We all know that Geometry is not everybody’s cup of tea. Students face a number of difficulties in solving Geometrical problems and hence turn in a below average result. Here are a few tips on how you can plan geometry lessons to teach geometry more effectively.

Use Exciting Ways to Teach

We do not expect our students to all learn the same way which means we can’t all teach the same way! For example, instead of standing at the board with a piece of chalk and lecturing for the entire period, mix it up. Play a video lesson (which can be found in the Geometry Coach Community), use self-guided online activities (also in the Geometry Coach Community), or create a Project Based Learning assessment. Bring in something new. Break the conventional methods of teaching and use a versatile style to teach. Give your students the correct tools to learn. Let them explore based on the ideas that you cultivated.

Strengthen the Students’ Understanding of the Principles of Geometry

Lead the students through proven techniques and practical strategies which can involve the students and increase their participation, which in return motivates them to better understanding. Use innovative ideas when planning a lesson; this will help to increase the achievement of the students. Students will hence better understand the Common Core Concepts.

Enhance the Problem Solving Skills of the Students

Discover the hidden talents of the students. Give them a geometrical problem and let them explore the proven strategies you taught them. Stimulating ideas and unique techniques can be adopted by students and you can easily asses the students.

Understanding is the First Priority

It is common for students to think that their job is only to learn how to solve any problem given to them over and over again in the form of tests and assignments. Your duty as a teacher is to make sure that this monotonous way does not kill the critical thinking ability of the students. Think of ways to help them solve the same problems in a different manner every time.

Include Motivating Topics

Try to plan a lesson involving motivation. This would keep up the interest of the students. Think out of the box and give them problems that are not there in the textbooks. Make them think from all dimensions. Use really good logical problems. Ask the students to solve it using all the methods you have taught them.

Explore Geometry Dynamically

Enhance the leaning of the students by using practical ways. Make them make convincing arguments related to the topic discussed. Shift them “because it looks right” to something logical.

Use Effective Tools to Assess the Students

Search for new ways to assess you students ‘understanding. Give individual attention according to the needs and caliber of a particular student. Take summative assessments of the students to prepare them for formative ones. Click Here to Join The Geometry Coach Community!

Make the Students Eager to Learn

Make your lesson so exciting that they start to have fun while learning it. Wake up the eagerness of each student. Let the students work as teachers. Let them take responsibility and then see the difference in each one of them. Open up their curiosity more and help them solve it themselves. If you are looking for a way to grow as a Geometry Teacher and collaborate with other Geometry Teachers look into joining a Geometry Teacher Membership Community.


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