Geometry Vocabulary

How to use Google Forms and Word Clouds to Help your Students Master their Geometry Vocabulary

Teaching your students vocabulary is something that is often overlooked but probably

Allow me to explain...

The normal routine is...

  1. Give the students a list of words for the chapter.
  2. Have them look them up in the back of the book.
  3. Copy them onto the paper.
  4. Use the words a little bit in class.
  5. Expect them to know them and when to use them.

Here is the problem...

The students don't need to know the vocabulary to be able to solve the problems on their homework. They need to know the vocabulary so that when they see a random problem, on say the ACT Standardized Test, they know what the directions of the problem are asking them to do.

If they can't understand the directions how could they ever know how to do the problem?

The vocabulary is in the directions to every math problem. That is the trigger that tells them which methods to use when solving the problem. We spend all of our time teaching them the methods used to solve problems. We even give them homework with 20 plus of the same problem type with the same directions. This doesn't help them actually identify when to use these methods to solve problems on tests where they are all mixed together or even more importantly THE REAL WORLD!

We put together a Training Course to Teach you how to use the latest Technology to get your students to Master their Vocabulary

When they look their vocabulary up in the back of the book they do not even read the words they just copy them. This method will force them to get involved in the discussion and truly think about the terms being used in class. Our course even comes with a Certificate of Completion that you can use for your Artifacts during your evaluations! Click Here to take the Course for FREE!

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