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Introduction to Trigonometry

Introduction to Trigonometry - Where to Start!

For the best introduction to trigonometry you want to start by WOWING your class. Before you even mention you are starting trigonometry take them through a real world problem.

Example Problem to Start With:

Pick one student from your class. Preferably one who doesn't usually pay attention (Let's say his name is Johnny).

Draw them a picture on the board like this!

angle of elevation worksheet with answer introduction to trigonometry

Johnny's dog is at the bottom of a cliff looking up at him. What is the angle of elevation between the dog and Johnny? Is there a tool we can use to find this? If this were actually happening in the real world. Johnny was actually on a cliff looking for his dog. We really needed to measure the angle of elevation. The only information we have is that the dog is 100 ft away and Johnny is 50 ft up the cliff from the dogs eye site. How could we measure this and with what tool?

You can't! You will need to use Trigonometry to find this angle. 

What Next?

Ask them to give you other examples. Maybe give them a few more.

  • Airplanes to ground (Angle of Depression)
  • Boat to Para-sailor on the back (Either)
  • Cat in a Tree
  • and so on...

Then let them make a list of uses.


Give them your Introduction to Trigonometry Lesson! Now that you have their attention you can talk some math ūüôā

Here is a cool video for more ideas! Most of them will not have seen anything like this before!

Here is your free content to help you Introduce Trigonometry!

Introduction to Trigonometry PDFs

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Introduction to Trigonometry Worksheet - Docs & PowerPoints

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