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Geometry Games – Dance Dance Transversal

While on Pinterest yesterday I ran across some amazing Geometry Games on Parallel Lines and Transversals! Here is my favorite!

A game called Dance Dance Transversal! Yes is it a play off the popular video game Dance Dance Revolution.

Here is what you'll need...

A roll of tape
A Big Empty Room
GAME - Dance-Dance-Transversal PowerPoint Presentation

Set up...

Tape one set of parallel lines being cut by a transversal on the floor for each student in your class.
 Dance Dance Transversal - Geometry Games

How to play...

Students will move to the music you play putting their feet on the correct angle types (dancing). They will change them with the changes in the PowerPoint. As they make mistakes eliminate them until you have a winner. Play as many times as need be until the whole class knows their angle pairs! Now Watch them Whip and Nae Nae their way to understanding parallel lines and transversals!
The lesson was created by Jessica Marie and more can be found on her blog at
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Dance Dance Transversal
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