Unit Circle

The Unit Circle – Hand Trick

IMPORTANT! This activity is a SUPPLEMENT to your lesson on the Unit Circle. Your students must know how to create it using Special Right Triangles. This activity is meant to create a recall point for your students. Meaning, something exciting to remember the lesson by and its importance. So when they hear the terms Unit Circle […]

Pi Day Activities

Pi Day Top 5 for Geometry Teachers

Pi Day 2023 is here! Don’t be that math teacher that doesn’t do a lesson for this fun day. Below are our Top Five Pi Day resources to get you started. We list our Top 5 Favorite Pi Day videos, websites, and activities. We also give you a bunch of Free Pi Day Worksheets from […]

Circles - Tangent Lines Graphic Organizer

How to Teach Tangent Lines – Graphic Organizer

When you start teaching your unit on Circles, Tangent Lines, and Secant Lines there are a lot of vocabulary words that your students will need to learn. One of the best ways to teach Vocabulary is with a good graphic organizer. The unit on circles starts with Tangent Lines and this graphic organizer will give your […]


How to Teach Circles Using the Common Core Standards?

Here is a great video to assist you in starting your lessons on circles. We all know the standards have changed and this one specifically is a head ache due to the algebra 2 that is involved. CCSS.Math.Content.HSG-GPE.A.1 Derive the equation of a circle of given center and radius using the Pythagorean Theorem; complete the square to […]